Composite construction that utilizes advanced technology is the future of boatbuilding, and New England Boatworks is leading the way. Our ongoing in-house research and development program includes panel and laminate testing, and we work closely with resin and core suppliers to refine building materials. This knowledge, coupled with the experience and skill of our engineers and composite experts, allows us to create yachts that are light, fast, and strong, with durability that makes them a lasting investment. Click here to view the entire NEB sailing yacht portfolio.


The success of NEB's racing yachts in some of the world's most competitive events is directly linked to our composite technology. NEB boats are light yet stiff, and are able to hold rig tension as well as stand up to a pounding in the Gulf Stream. With our long experience in advanced composite technology, we know how to engineer the correct combination of the right fiber (Kevlar, carbon, or glass) and the right core (Nomex, various foams, or balsa) to produce a strong, light hull and deck laminate and structural members. We've built successful Round the World racers, America's Cup contenders, and many IRC, IMS, MORC, and sportboats -- our next winning boat should be yours.


From bluewater cruisers to daysailers, all NEB cruising yachts share one characteristic: They fulfill the Owner's dream. From the first meeting with an Owner and designer through every stage of building the boat, we make sure that every aspect of the yacht reflects the Owner's needs. In addition to hi-tech composites, aluminum and wooden boat construction, NEB's capabilities include complete mechanical and electrical systems design and implementation, metal fabrication, joinerwork, paintwork, and sailhandling gear. We are ready to make your racing or cruising dream, large or small, a reality. To talk with us about the construction of your next sailing yacht, contact New England Boatworks at 401-683-4000 or Email NEB.


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