Boatbuilding, Industrial and Architectural Applications

The engineers at NEB can machine plugs, molds or machined core materials for your project. NEB can produce finished parts or machined components from materials ranging from wood to pre-preg carbon fiber.

Utilizing all five axes of cutting and a continuous "C" axis allows the engineers at NEB to increase programming and machining efficiency and use shorter tools, thereby maintaining greater accuracy and superior surface finishes.

CNC Machine Specifications:
  • DMS 5 Axis moving table: 5TS-12-6-48S
  • Max cutting envelope: 144" x 72" x 48"
  • Linear axis travel: X = 156"  |  Y = 84"  |  Z = 48"
  • Rotary axis travel: B = +/- 110 deg.  |  C = +/- 183 deg.
  • Single stationary bridge machine with a Quad Zone vacuum plenum

For more information on CNC machining at NEB or to discuss tooling or parts we can help you with
please contact NEB engineering Email NEB

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