From lines plans through to final construction, the NEB Engineering Team insures that every component part and structural member is properly specified and sized. Along the way, they've been known to work some real "magic"—innovative solutions to design problems along with a novel approach that forms an owner's wishes into reality- New construction or a repair/refit issue. For example, to create a perfectly machined part from solid stainless steel on a "need it yesterday" basis, the NEB engineers will first model the component digitally, then have it machined from solid stock using a Computer Numerical Cutter (CNC). When an NEB client asked for his new 65 ft motor yacht to be completely wheel chair accessible, our engineering team designed push button, stow away lifts and ramps that blended in discreetly with the yacht's interior layout and fine joiner work.


NEB engineers use the latest sophisticated computer—modeling programs, such as Auto Cad, Solid Works and Rhino on boatbuilding projects as well as architectural jobs. From creating full size, computer generated construction templates to producing precision metal or composite components; our talented engineering staff works hand in hand with the boatbuilding team from concept to quality finished product.


Whether designing a push button "roll top desk", hideaway hatch cover or an innovative way to utilize the power of hydraulics, NEB engineers thrive on complex design and engineering challenges. Ongoing weight studies and quality assurance processes are typically invisible to boat owners, but a perfectly engineered yacht or component part is something every owner can ultimately appreciate.

Because NEB's engineering team is always developing new solutions for "leading edge" racing yachts, where the demand for high strength /minimum weight components is paramount, the lessons learned are continually translated into better engineered materials and techniques. Continuous testing of composite test panels using destructive and non-destructive techniques is an essential part of each new construction project.

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