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8/16/17: NEB Employees go above and beyond

We are honored to have great employees who go above and beyond for our customers at NEB. Thank you very much to the owner of Actea for letting us share this wonderful testimonial.

I learned long ago in business, and in Bluewater racing, that, contrary to the old saying, the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts.

When I first came to NEB, I was impressed by the service and care. This year I had extensive exposure to two of your employees, Ben and Adam. Ben was calm and steady and did nice work. He even exhibited grace when we came to the fuel dock after a sea trial of the engine and I executed less than perfectly beautiful docking maneuvers. Adam was exceptional. His analytical skills, knowledge and customer focus are at a level rarely seen. We went to leave on July 4th and I had no exciting current on the engine alternator. After some diagnosis on my own, I called him at home to ask for some pointers. His response was:
“I’ll be there in an hour.”
“Thatís not necessary. itís a holiday.”
“No, Iíll be there.”
“Are you kidding? Stay at home.”
“Iím on my way.”

I don’t think that I would have ever found the loose connection on my own. I’m not sure that if we’d left NEB on July 5th that we would have made it to Salem, where we are now, in time for proper race preparation.

Postscript: NEB would also like to congratulate Mike and his crew for winning both their class, ORR-3, and the overall ORR Division in the Marblehead to Halifax race.