This is an exciting boat: a 36-footer weighing only 4,320 pounds with a cloud of sail and a "gybing" carbon-fiber keel, Diode promises to blow the doors off boats 10 to 20 feet longer. NEB built the boat using wet lay-up, vacuum-bagged E-glass with a Core-Cell foam core. "Waterline length is maximized for speed, hull sections are rounded for low wetted surface, and sections aft are wide for off wind planning," says designer Rodger Martin. "The 'gybing' carbon keel can be rotated, enabling numerous tactical options, such as rotating to windward for increased pointing ability." To accomplish this, NEB fabricated a drum-shaped cassette for the keel, which is also retractable for trailering. Diode's owner is Dooie Isdale, a former commodore of the New York YC, a man who appreciates fast boats and enjoys pushing the speed envelope. Early sails have proven that Diode is both fast and fun to sail!