Class 9 Winner, 2006 Newport-Bermuda Race! Snow Lion, a Jason Ker-designed 50-foot Cruiser/Racer, has made a smashing debut by winning Class 9 of the St. David's Lighthouse Division in the Bermuda Race. Launched by NEB just two weeks prior to the race, Snow Lion and owner Lawrence Huntington topped a tough class that included several TP52's and other proven offshore winners. Snow Lion is designed to excel at both racing and cruising, and thanks to New England Boatworks' industry-leading Advanced Composite Technology the yacht is light, strong, and handsome. Congratulations to Lawrence Huntington and his experienced offshore crew!


Utilizing a proven combination of vacuum-bagged, heat-cured E-glass inner and Kevlar outer skins, varying densities of Core-Cell and Airlite structural linear foam core (foam density is dictated by stress-map analysis), Snow Lion is stiff, tough, light, and strong. The hull mold has been constructed to high tolerances using computer-drawn, laser-cut framing, and the mold skin has been painstakingly faired. The pre-preg hull and deck laminates, which use SP Systems epoxy pre-preg uni-directional and double-bias fabrics, are heat-cured in NEB's full-size composites climate control room.

Thermocouples attached to the inside surface of the mold ensure that the cure temperature is correct and consistent throughout the hull and deck as the temperature is carefully ramped up, then held at 175 degrees (Fahrenheit) for a prescribed time period. In common with other Grand Prix NEB projects, Snow Lion features extensive custom-built carbon-fiber deck hardware components, designed by Ker Design in conjunction with NEB's Engineering Team, and built by NEB's Composites Team.