New England Boatworks is renowned for the high standard of joinerwork and the range of styles our craftsmen create -- everything from the classic "Herreshoff" look of high-gloss varnish set off by painted white panels to the contemporary, high-tech chic of a race boat interior. And we're just as well known for our ability to please an Owner. We are at home working with hand-selected hardwoods or super light Nomex-cored, wood veneered panels. Our craftsmen are well versed in the art of cold-molding, laminating, plank-on-frame construction, new and replacement decking, and veneer matching (we've "rescued" a number of water-damaged wood interiors during the course of a refit).

Our craftsmen are as skilled with a varnish brush as they are at specifying custom hardware or using an overhead router to create intricate inlays (boat name, boat logo, or nautical motif). At NEB we believe that the fine art of marine joinerwork will always add value and soul to a yacht; our restoration of the vintage 12-Meter Columbia is a case in point. A classic beauty, made more so. For more information about our Joinerwork, contact NEB partner and Joinerwork Department head Steve Casella at 401-683-4000 or Email NEB.