If you need anything — and we do mean anything — made out of metal for your boat, NEB can do it. From steering wheels to clevis
pins to anchor rollers to stanchions to chainplates to engine mounts and fuel and water tanks, we’re ready with the right skills and tools.

Hunt 90 Bow RollerSwim platformWorld Cat 26 Alumium topframe extension

ABS Certified welders: NEB’s experienced welders have all been through training courses and received formal certification from the American Bureau of Shipbuilding (ABS).

SS ExhaustTony A and radar tower

Equipment upgrades are an essential part of maintaining the high quality standards in all departments at NEB. In 2009, the metal work shop took another step to enhance the capabilities of the ABS certified welders at NEB with the purchase of 3 new welding machines: Lincoln 355M microprocessor based welding power supply with 25M feeders and Python Plus push-pull gun assemblies.

Some of our other equipment: Craft-former machine (for bending and forming plating); Three-wheeled metal roller; Bridgeport lathes (2); shop lathes (2); Metal cutting and plasma cutting machines; and over a dozen welding machines, including TIG (tungsten inert gas), MIG (automatic), and plasmaarc welders. We work with all grades of stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium, whether fabricating a new piece or repairing existing equipment on your yacht.

Hunt 90 radar towerold and newmast display

We also fabricate architectural structures, such as the aluminum pedestal we built for the University of Central Florida. NEB fabricated an aluminum foundation to support a life size bronze statue of the university's Golden Knight (a warrior on horseback), built in Wyoming. Now that you know just a few of the things that we can do... what can we do for you? Contact New England Boatworks at 401-683-4000 or NEB Email

Aluminum foundation to support a life size bronze statue of University of Central Florida's Golden KnightHunt 35 custom aluminum jet drive sportfish cruiser